David FORREST (1789-1823)

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David FORREST, Solicitor of the Supreme Court, was born on 3rd March 1789 in Stirling[1]. He was the first child of John FORREST and Elizabeth GLAS


In St Cuthbert’s, Edinburgh, he married on 8th July 1815 Hellen KIDD[2]. Hellen was born on 29th June 1791 and baptised on 12th July 1791 at Leith North, the daughter of Captain Robert KIDD and Isabel BURREL[3].

Together they had issue:

i. John FORREST, born on 12th August 1817 in St Andrews, Edinburgh and baptised 11th September 1817[4].

David died on 13th November 1823 in Edinburgh[5][6][7][8] and his wife Hellen died on 25th October 1825 in Leith, Edinburgh[9].


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